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Alice Forrest is a marine biologist and wildlife guide, with a passion for the natural world and the creatures who inhabit it. As a researcher but also a divemaster & freediver, she’s a firm believer in the need to communicate the science as well as the intrinsic value of the ocean and what’s beneath the surface.


After completing a Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity & Conservation) and Bachelor of Marine & Antarctic Science (with Honours), she has worked around her home country of Australia & the seas and oceans of the world. Her work as a scientist has led to her finding plastic inside commonly eaten fish in French Polynesia, discovering the most plastic-polluted beach in the world on Henderson Island (Pitcairn), studying blue whales off Sri Lanka and the deep sea off Tasmania. She believes science is worthless unless communicated, and with this in mind has worked in wildlife conservation and plastic pollution education for many years.


Alice is not just extremely enthusiastic about wildlife & wild places, but also about sharing that excitement with others. She's worked extensively in marine tourism, guiding tourists to remote locations like Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as under the sea in her home country of Australia. Her favourite thing is watching people fall in love with nature as they snorkel with tiger sharks, kayak with dolphins, see eye-to-eye with humpback whales, or get breathed on by a minke in a Zodiac in Antarctica.

Based in the hills of Byron Bay on Australia's east coast, Alice lives in an off-grid tiny home with her partner, and attempts to live as sustainably as possible in the hope of minimising her own footprint and inspiring positive change. She writes for several publications and presents to schools, businesses and community groups on how to have a positive impacts on our oceans. When she's not at home, you can find her in Tonga with humpback whales, in small island communities across the Pacific Ocean implementing local plastic pollution solutions, or working as a guide somewhere salty. She believes that we protect what we love, and that it's necessary to explore, adventure, and appreciate what this planet has to offer (then use that as a motivation to protect it).


Alice hopes to use her degree and knowledge to inspire positive change and protect what she loves - our big blue planet. 

Conservation Biologist (Macquarie University) & Marine Scientist with Honours (University of Tasmania) 

Focusing on plastic pollution & ocean conservation

I work with a range of organisations, and believe that by working together and staying positive, we can tackle the many problems facing our planet. I'm proud to be an ambassador for Living Ocean and also work with Two Hands ProjectTake Threeeco divers and Sea Shepherd. I also try to live a conservation-based lifestyle and minimise my impact where possible. For me, this includes a vegan diet, trying to cut out single use plastic, and eating locally sourced food. 


Public Speaker

I love the opportunity to speak to schools and the community about environmental issues, science, and the solutions. 

I've spoken to hundreds of school children around Australia and in remote Pacific islands, as well as community groups both in Australia and abroad. In 2015 I presented at ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) in Singapore. 

Free Diver

Spending time under the sea on a single breathe is the ultimate way for me to connect to the ocean. 

Wood Sniffer

Working with beautiful, sustainable paulownia timber to hand craft paipos (Hawaiian designed belly boards for playing in the waves), then burning pretty pictures on them. I work with local wood shaper Wooden Anchor.

Drift & Wonder

Travelling, exploring from under the sea to the mountaintops with Angel Grimaldi, and sharing our adventures in the hope of inspiring others to life a simple life and protect what we love. 

Plant Powered

For me, a vegan diet (based on local, in season foods) is a way to live more sustainably and protect what I love.

Recent Conversations

Check out some other podcasts & videos here. 

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

- Jane Goodall

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