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As a contributing writer for a range of publications, I hope to spread a message of ocean conservation with a focus on positivity & solutions, as well as inspire people to get outside, explore, and fall in love with our big blue planet.

SEVENSEAS magazine

April 17, 2018

How ingenious use of plastic bottles is helping Tongan school children, humpback whales, small island communities and one fairly normal Aussie guy. If I summarize it in a sentence it sounds like a total cliché: man goes to small undeveloped island, helps community and schools through sustainable building, changes lives. But the real story is so much deeper, more astounding and more beautiful that it definitely deserves... 

SEVENSEAS magazine

April 17, 2018

Start small. Every action we do, every purchase we make (or don’t make) has an impact. Making those impacts positive is as simple as choosing one thing to start with – for example, takeaway coffee cups are lined with plastic. Make this your month to try not to use them – get a reusable cup, make your own, sit down and take the time to enjoy your coffee in a mug, whatever works for you. The ‘big four’: bags, bottles, coffee cups and straws, are a good place to start...


January 24, 2018

Adventures often don’t go to plan. The wilderness can smack down even the best and most experienced explorers; Alice, Mich and Issy were neither of these things. This story chronicles their harrowing journey along the South Coast Track, on Tasmania’s exposed southern edge and distills the raw psychology of wilderness hiking to the rise and fall of triumphant and despairing paragraphs.

SEVENSEAS magazine

April 17, 2018

Nomuka is a small tropical Island that belongs to the Ha’apai group. It’s extremely remote, requiring two flights, a ferry and a small dinghy to arrive on its sandy shores from Australia.  There are about 75 houses on the island, home to around 400 people and a lot of pigs, cats, chickens, horses and ducks, as well as over 200 dogs! The large amount of dogs on the islands also means there are high numbers of puppies. I know what you’re thinking, how can too many puppies ever be a problem? But a low-income economy...


January 02, 2018

Don’t worry, this is not another doom & gloom article about how we’re trashing the planet, killing our oceans, and are inevitably going to end up in a post-apocalyptic world filled with trash (just like Wall-E). However, given that two in every three breaths we take come from the ocean, and just how generally...


December 27, 2017

There are those moments in life that are difficult to describe. They are so unlike anything else you’ve experienced that they leave you feeling overwhelmed, emotional and dazed. They are larger than words or pictures can capture and somehow greater than just a physical encounter. These are the important ones... 


July 03, 2016

It's everyone's favourite time of year again: Plastic Free July. The perfect distraction from cold weather and the lack of new Game of Thrones episodes in your near future. Whether you're participating in Plastic Free July or not, now is the perfect time to take a look at your plastic use, and figure out the best way to reduce...


November 13, 2017

Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists, which means those items we use for a couple of minutes can last forever. And, potentially end up in our oceans. The amazing image above by @justinhofman speaks for itself. It is a small Estuary Seahorse in the surfing paradise of Sumbawa, Indonesia...


October 16, 2017

The future of surfboard fins has arrived. Imagine a world where just paddling out at your favourite break would be actively helping to protect it. In this futuristic world, what appears to be a regular old surfboard fin, cruising along on the bottom of your board, is collecting data, raising awareness and ultimately...


July 18, 2016

When this image made headlines a couple of years ago, people thought it must have been photo-shopped. Zak Noyle was in an extremely remote location in Java, expecting pristine waves. Unfortunately, what he found was oceans full of plastic. We all know that this is a growing problem...


October 20, 2014

I’m currently anchored out at the legendary Cloudbreak, Fiji on a catamaran watching a white froth of waves breaking along the horizon. However it isn’t the perfect peeling waves or the rainbow wonderland of snorkelling that have brought me here. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been lucky enough to experience...


September 19, 2014

He comes closer and before I know it I’m flying under the water, twirling in an intimate dance. It’s one of those moments where everything stops and for infinity I’m staring into his eye, and he’s staring back. Eventually the two tonne baby humpback rolls and twirls and dips deeper under the water until he’s...


December 17, 2014

Last week saw a conservative estimate of the amount of plastic in our oceans set at 5 trillion pieces. It also saw a Risso’s dolphin wash up on a Sydney beach, with a plastic bag in its gut. How about we don’t make that number 5 trillion and one, by taking a few steps this Christmas to reduce our impact on the oceans...


June 30, 2014

A giant manta flies past us seemingly in slow motion, with gnarled grey eyes staring through us as we kick along beside it. A short distance away we follow white tipped reef sharks around coral atolls, while surfers cruise above us on the surface. A turtle glides past in the distance, while a rainbow of fish dart through...


August 25, 2014

In February this year thousands of people gathered on a Sydney beach to protest the Western Australian shark cull, while a few hundred metres behind them our own dirty secret lurked in the ocean. With all the media attention recently on the WA cull, it’s easy to forget that here on the east coast we have had...


August 25, 2014

In the past month we have seen a baby dolphin and three young whales caught on shark control equipment in Queensland. The poor dolphin was critically injured with a drumline hook through its side, two whales were thankfully released and one drowned. This cruel by-catch, along with some recent encounters...

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