Plastic Pollution

is the biggest problem facing our oceans. 

From the tiny plastic beads found in your facewash, to plastic bags, to water bottles - every day billions of plastic items are used, and they all have one thing in common -

single use.

Many of the items in our day-to-day lives are used for a few minutes, but they're made of a material which lasts forever.

Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists. 

This bad design is choking our oceans, killing our wildlife, and ultimately even harming us as dangerous chemicals are introduced to our food chain. 


The Science. 

There is a lot of science showing how HUGE this problem is, unfortunately this is often hard to access. So here's a few facts for you to learn & share.

Plastic debris outweights plankton 36:1 in the North Pacific gyre. 

Over 700 species are being impacted by plastic. 

There is a minimum of 5.25 trillion plastic particles (weighing 268, 940 tonnes) in our oceans.

Chemical pollutants move from microplastics into fish tissue (and into our food chain).

25% of fish from fish markets in the USA contained plastic.

Microplastic has been found inside by animals at the bottom of the deep sea.

My Research

Looking for plastics inside the fish that we're eating. 

My research looked inside commonly eaten fish in the South Pacific, and documented just how much plastic these fish are eating. 

This involved working with local fishermen and at community fish markets, collecting the guts (the rest of the fish was eaten or sold)

& then looking in the stomach and intestines for plastic pieces. 

The research took place across the South Pacific - French Polynesia (Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti), Lord Howe Island and Henderson Island (Pitcairn group). 

Read more about my research and findings here or check out the following graphic -

Fishmarkets in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

Plastic is not inherently evil. In fact, when used properly it's a useful and lifesaving material. The problem right now is terrible design - items we use for a few seconds, made out of a material which can last forever...

4 billion used per year in Australia alone. 

17 million barrels of oil used to make plastic bottles annually.

1 million disposable cups into landfill every minute.

Used for a minute, made of a material which may last forever.



This problem can often be HUGE and OVERWHELMING

So I think ti's important to remember that we have all the solutions we need. 

And the best antidote to depsair is ACTION

Learn more about the solutions here.

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