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Changing the World with a little Gypsy Vibe.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world." - Harriet Tubman Changing & improving our planet comes from many places, but to me the most powerful thing anyone can do is use their own skills & passions to make a change. With this in mind, I've started interviewing people who are making a difference in their own way - to share some information & inspiration.


When I first met Lindy, I was inspired by her positive outlook & fantastically rainbow outfits. Then later by how cheaply she was selling mooncups & how much difference she was making through her Sisters on the Streets project. She epitomises changing the world through authentic & personal action.

This is Lindy. Dreamer, gypsy, moon cup expert.

There are so many solutions to plastic pollution, & by now we all know about reusable bags & bringing your own coffee cup. However a not-as-spoken about solution that can make a HUGE environmental impact are mooncups. Using single-use tampons & pads every month doesn't just raise issues related to manufacturing & fossil fuel use, but also creates a huge amount of waste with the sanitary items themselves. Not to mention applicators, packaging & wrapping.

Apparently there are 9 plastic tampon applicators per km of beach in some parts of the UK (& the tampons themselves are often made partially of plastic). While it's the Huffington Post and not a scientific journal, I did find at least one article that found plastic tampon applicators at sea. Plus this article from Time shows tampons may increase exposure to phthalates which are linked to hormone disruptions & cancer.

Lindy saw the need for mooncups to be a mainstream solution, and also started the Sisters on the Street project - for every one she sells, a mooncup is donated to a homeless woman.

Have a read to learn more about mooncups, positivity and how one dreamer chose to make a difference -


What's Gypsy Vibes? Gypsy Vibes is all about connecting like-minded souls to build community along with personal growth and happiness. Creating Retreats, Workshops and Events to nourish your soul and bond your relationships with yourself, your community and your beautiful planet. Whatever inspires is the next move with Gypsy Vibes. Our website and eco markets have lead us to sharing lovely sustainable products and alternatives to a fast paced disposable world which has been a really beautiful focus.

What motivated you to start selling mooncups? A few years ago I was introduced to Mooncups and was so impressed by them and so shocked that they weren't talked about, advertised and acknowledged as the hero eco menstrual product that they are! It was clear Gypsy Vibes needed to share the education and passion about such an amazing little miracle menstrual cup and just to normalize the conversation around this taboo subject on women's mooncycles. It has been really positive seeing the changes already. What's the main reason people should use them? The main reason to use a Mooncup is to reduce disposable waste from tampons and pads effecting our beautiful planet. One little mooncup is all you need for up to 10 years instead of buying boxes and plastic wrappers and chemical filled cottons ending up in landfill and our waterways.

What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked about a mooncup? I am 24 hour online support for Mooncup questions everyday all day. I've heard them all, so nothing sounds weird to me anymore Something that we have spoken about in womens circles though is "you can still have sex when wearing a mooncup" Yep. So far sisters have been so happy when finding out that in some cases, intercourse and mooncups can work! This isn't medical research confirmed. Just a sisterhood sharing their experiences. What's your Sister on the Street project? Sisters on the Street campaign is a buy 1 mooncup and 1 mooncup gets donated to a Sister on the Street. Someone in need. When you're hungry, cold, uncomfortable and just need a home. The last thing on your mind is to buy tampons and pads with the last few dollars you have. It just makes sense to share this beautiful easy product. How do you stay positive? Humans inspire and motivate me. Seeing so much beauty and passion in the world inspires me. 2018 feels like people are waking up to a slower more mindful way of living. And seeking more education and thinking outside the box to make changes. I see a shift and that's why it's easy to stay positive.


Creating a community, providing solutions & education, inspiring positive change, what a legend. If you'd like to get your own mooncup (or gift one to a friend) then check out Gypsy Vibes website here.

If you've got any mooncup questions, or know someone I should interview, then get in touch.

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