Unplug Podcast: Our Plastic Oceans
his week, I speak with Alice Forrest, an engaged, present and activated ocean activist and eco warrior living down under.

Alice is a passionate about healing our world. She has a Bachelor of Science in biodiversity and conservation and is involved in a wide range of organizations and conservation activities dealing with the plight of our oceans. She combines her education with her activism uniting head with heart in the most engaged way.

Alice’s primary focus is the plasticization of our ocean
Spirit Radio: Hidden Plastics
I caught up with fellow ocean lover, marine conservationist and my Plastic Free July inspiration Alice Forrest today where she delivered a shock about hidden plastics in everyday items we all use!- Angie
2SER: Plastic Free July
Did you know that 50% of the the world’s plastic goes into items that are only used once! And that every bit of plastic ever made still exists. We spoke to conservation biologist Alice Forrest about what we can do to change our single use plastic consumption.
SpiritRadio:Talking Trash with Alice
Save the oceans one bit of plastic at a time! Pick up some handy tips for cutting down on single use plastic with oceans lovers Angie and conservation biologist Alice.
BayFM: Over The Rainbow
Over The Rainbow's Mitch With Alice Forrest Talking About Plastic Free July
BayFM: Over The Rainbow
Alice Forrest on the Sea Table Art Trail at Brunswick Heads - conservation messages through picnic table art
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May 23, 2017

When two wild adventure loving humans come together anything is possible, meet Alice and Ángel. Alice Forrest is a marine biologist, conservationist, and wanderer from NSW Australia, who made Byron Bay her home.  Ángel Grimaldi is a wildlife veterinarian, adventurer and photographer from the Canary Islands in Spain. These two star crossed lovers are a match made in eco heaven, and after just a few days of living together decided to simplify their lives, buy a Toyota Land Cruiser and adventure around Australia.


June 27, 2016

She’s always been a drifter, so it was inevitable that in her wanderings Alice would fall in love. The unpredictable part was that it wouldn’t be with a dreadlocked Argentinian artisan or an unkempt Spanish backpacker. Setting off at 18 with a backpack and a deferred Arts degree behind her, Alice’s desire to figure out what to do with her life set her on a trail that would lead to over 50 countries, a passionate love for the ocean, and a career as a marine biologist.


February 28, 2015

Every once in a while, you meet an extraordinary person and think to yourself, ”This person is going to change the world.” An extraordinary person that challenges your perspective and makes you question your every action. Let me introduce you to Alice Forrest, conservation biologist, marine life activist, ocean lover, researcher and occasional mermaid. She does not have millions of dollars nor is she a famous public figure but she is determined to make a difference, and has inspired others to take action and play their part in saving our planet. 


August 08, 2013

Alice Forrest wasn’t born by the sea, yet her life is now spent in or around it more than land. As a graduate of a Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity and Conservation), marine researcher, aquarist and professional mermaid, Alice contributes above and beyond to our Earth’s oceans. She lives a life most of us dream of and she’s making a genuine impact on the world we live...

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