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The easiest place to start is to reduce the amount of plastic you use every day. 
Start simple, choose one thing and see if you can make a new habit. Find your local bulk shops & farmers markets.. Take a look at your trash to see what items you use the most. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't plastic free overnight, focus on the simple changes you CAN make to be part of the solution. 
There's no one easy fix, so here's some ideas to get your started. 


 DIY COFFEE SCRUB- by Coconut Mama 

 DIY BEESWAX WRAP - by One Million Women 

Switching some of the products you buy & use doesn't have to be expensive. A takeaway cup can be as simple as a jar and some rubber bands. Body scrubs can be a fun & thoughtful gift. Here's a few things I make & use but don't stop there, get creative! The perfect solution is probably just a Google search away. 

 DIY T-SHIRT BAG - by Mommypotamous

 DIY DEODORANT - by Plastic Free Mermaid



A little list of some of the plastic-free things I like to use. 
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