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How Not To Suck.

Something I love about trying to live a little less plastic, is that I’m constantly learning. There’s always so many solutions to all the problems, it’s just a matter of picking one that fits the best for now. While on the amazing Nomuka island with Whale Discoveries, I was stoked to learn this one-

~~~Papaya Straw!!~~~ All you need is a papaya (/pawpaw) tree and a machete (or scissors, but it doesn't look as cool). The long thin ‘branches’ are hollow, and perfect as a straw.

If you don’t have a papaya tree / machete handy, there are still a heap of solutions that aren’t plastic: * Stainless steel * Bamboo * Paper * Glass

Or best of all: * Just say no * You can carry your own straw, or you can encourage your local cafes & restaurants to ditch the plastic and replace it with a good substitute. With McDonalds alone (not including aaaall the other drink retailers, from cafes to coconut vendors to bars) serving around 60 million plastic straws PER DAY, I prefer to not be a part of this craziness and just say no to plastic straws completely.

“The solution will always be far away if we don’t take the first step.”- @portiabrianamusic

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