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Mission Blue Hope Spot- Byron Bay

The Northern Rivers is home to a rich and unique diversity of marine and coastal species. It provides habitat for over 1000 marine species and supports critical habitats for numerous threatened species including grey nurse sharks, loggerhead turtles and black rock cod. The unique biodiversity, critical habitats and value of the region saw the establishment of the Cape Byron Marine Park in 2002. More recently, the unique values of the region have been recognised as a global Hope Spot by the Mission Blue Foundation.


What's A Hope Spot?

Hope Spot details

Learn more about the Hope Spot at the Mission Blue website or on the story map. 

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Why Northern NSW? 

- more then 530 fish species 

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Goal & Strategy

The Hope Spot works to conserve and protect our local coastline from the Richmond River to Brunswick River, including Julian Rocks Nguthungulli Nature Reserve, Cape Byron Marine Park and related waterways, as encompassed within the Byron Bay Hope Spot.

We do this by empowering our local community to take grass-roots action and directly address key threats to marine life and ecosystems in the Byron Bay Hope Spot, with local ocean champions creating a groundswell of action. By creating connectivity between local organisations, supporting science and engaging the community to act.

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